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Jun 28, 2016

PVC Edged colours

As long as we can source the board and edging tape, you can basically have any colour of PVC edged door that you want. We have a few examples of some lovely different textured boards that are available.

vintage paint

These are gorgeous, authentic, vintage look and textured boards. They are available in a distressed look in a darker or lighter shade. The colours shown are Vintage LM62 and LM63 Matrix.

tweed paint

Another new board we love is this Levante FA90 Spigato board. The herringbone pattern and the texture of the board is really special.

20160628_09511520160628_095052                   20160628_095145


These leather effect boards are so realistic. It has great texture and is available in Primo Fiore creme UB05, which is the lighter colour or Primo Fiore grigio UA99, which is the brown.

20160628_104719          20160628_104831     20160628_104756

These Nadir boards are available in three different colours- Old King LN00, which is the lighest board, Greige FA45, which is the medium coloured board and Confort FA42 which is the darkest board. They are ideal if you just want to add a slight texture to a board.

Please contact us if you would like our sales team to drop in to show you the boards.

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