Both these door frame mouldings are made to the same specification, with Roma 80 (T6) being 77mm wide and Roma 60 (T4) being 57mm wide. A slightly curved profile, these can be ordered as individual door ranges, ie with one type of door for the whole order, or with a mixture. We recommend the use of Roma 60 (T4) for drawers and Roma 80 (T6) for doors. This gives the advantage of a very solid feeling door frame but avoids the disadvantages of fitting a handle to a drawer where the centre panel is too small.

All doors are made to measure to your exact requirements up to the limit imposed by the MFC centre panel size. (MFC 2800mm x 2070mm).

All doors and drawers feature vertical grain on the centre panels unless specifically ordered otherwise. Mirror doors are manufactured with matching colour on the rear where possible.

Frame only doors are supplied fully assembled with the rear of the rebate routed out to accept your glass or mirror. Frame only doors are supplied at the same price as solid doors.

This door is available for use in a sliding door system.

Minimum possible height for: 

Roma 60 drawers is 130mm 

Roma 80 drawers is 175mm

Please see the technical information page for more information and colours available.


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