Standard MFC


Fern Doors can supply a wide range of made to measure edged doors and panels in MFC/MDF boards. They can be supplied as a single 18mm or as a 36mm thickness panel, subject to the availability of the edging materials. You can have a matching, or a contrasting edging for that different look. A wide range of colours are available as standard colours, non-standard are also available but may incur a minimum order value. Angled doors, angled worktops are available depending on the degree of the angle and width of the angled side. (Minimum 100mm) These are subject to a surcharge per angle.(Glazed angled-doors are not available in this style)

(Some non-standard or heavier structured / grained boards will be grouped in the appropriate price range which may be defined as being in the High Gloss or Super High Gloss range due to the higher cost of these raw materials – please ask for a quote if you are unsure) We are unable to edge internal angles.


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