Using standard 18mm MFC or MDF boards the TRIPOLI doors can be supplied in a wide range of various colour combinations. You may wish to use the same board for all of the door, or use one colour for the stiles and a contrasting colour for the centre panel to make a statement, or you may just want to use a contrasting edging colour, either for all the edges or one colour for the internal edging and a different colour to be used on the exterior edges. The list of combinations is almost endless.

These doors are ideal for use in kitchens and are generally constructed with vertical grain on the side stiles and horizontal grain on the centre panel.

The side stiles are 100mm wide. Because these doors are made with a horizontal grain to the centre panel, the height of the door is restricted by the raw materials used, approximately 2000mm. Please note that The Tripoli is not available in Acrylic or Mirror Gloss boards, and is not available for use in a sliding door system.

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